Our Senior Warden Gerry Thomas Visits London Lodge

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In December of last year, Libertyville Lodge #492’s Senior Warden, Gerry Thomas, had the opportunity to visit a Masonic Lodge in London, England. Here is his report:

Mark Masons' Hall in LondonWhile traveling on my return from Saudi Arabia, I had a chance to stop over in London on the evening of the stated lodge meeting for John Carpenter Lodge #1997 in London, England. As instructed, I obtained my traveling papers from the Grand Lodge of Illinois.
BMore importantly, our brother, RWB Graham Southall, had vouched for me and connected me with WB Brian Gold, who is the lodge secretary. Unfortunately, Brother Southall was unable to attend, as he had recently moved to Quebec and had some domestic logistical items to attend to.
New Entered ApprenticeUpon entering the Mark Masons’ Lodge building, I was directed to the lodge room where the meeting would be held. Brian Gold met me and instructed me on proper etiquette, and proper signs to use during the meeting.A new initiate became an Entered Apprentice by the end of the meeting.
After the meeting there was a social time in the bar on the third floor of the building which I must say, upon my observation, was well stocked with a variety of libations. Then on to the second floor dining room where there was a festive board with a lovely dinner. Camaraderie and fellowship was had by all.
The Dinner
I want to thank RWB Southall for helping me in making this happen. This was a very special event for me. I also want to thank all the brothers of Libertyville Lodge #492, who carried on in my absence during the lodge meeting that night. As we are all travelers, and we seek others of our craft, events and opportunities such as this are few and far between.

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