First Ever “Perform-A-Thon” at David Adler Center on December 8

This Saturday, from 10AM to 8PM, the David Adler Music and Arts Center in Libertyville will host its first “Perform-a-thon.” The purpose of the event will be twofold: first, to showcase the performance talents of the Center’s music students, and second, to raise funds for the Adler Center’s Student Scholarship Fund.

Perform-a-Thons, which have been growing in popularity, function much like fundraising walks: instead of getting “sponsors” for each mile walked, participants solicit donations for each minute they perform.

The event will kick off at Mariano’s grocery store in Vernon Hills. Then, from 11AM onward, the performances will take place at the Adler Center in the north end of Libertyville. Hot chocolate and coffee will be served and from 1PM to 8PM, artwork created by Adler artists will be offered for sale. Also, from 2PM to 4PM, kids (and adults!) will be able to take part in an ornament making workshop.

The Perform-a-thon will conclude with a holiday sing-a-long.

There is no charge for any of the performances or other events of the Perform-a-thon. Attendees are, of course, encourage to contribute to the Student Scholarship Fund.

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