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Two Night Event with Greg Kaminsky

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This is one ticket and both nights! You can come to both or just one. Same price. This is an extremely rare opportunity. 

May 9th - The Kabbalistic Alchemy of David Chaim Smith "Kabbalah for understanding. Alchemy for practice. Gnosis for truth."

In this presentation, Greg will talk about the theory, symbolism, and practical aspects of contemplative mysticism as expounded in Smith's work. Additionally, he will cover some of the material included in Smith's upcoming book Bath of Bright Silence (Now available), including the resurrection and reanimation of a contemplative practice that originated with the thirteenth-century Iyyun circle. "Deep Principles of Kabbalistic Alchemy elaborates upon an array of symbols designed to guide the reader toward the ground of all phenomena, referred to as En Sof (no end) in kabbalah. The material is presented in clear yet esoteric terms, free from the common tendencies of psychologization, new-age dilution, and religious mythology.

It is a rare opportunity for deep consideration of profound mysteries that cannot be summarily addressed with conventional language and theoretical speculation, ultimately offering a living tradition into a rare and powerful style of mystical practice." 

Copies of David Chaim Smith's most recent two books Deep Principles of Kabbalistic Alchemy and the new Bath of Bright Silence will be available for purchase!

About the Author:

"David Chaim Smith was born in 1964 in Queens, New York. His early career was as a visual artist throughout the 1980s. In 1990 he began an immersion into the root sources of Alchemy and the Hermetic and Hebrew traditions of the Kabbalah. In 1996 he abandoned visual art for a total dedication to spiritual practice, from which came a unique blend of practical mysticism and creative innovation. This blend coalesced while working with an obscure thirteenth-century text called The Fountain of Wisdom, which he mapped out diagrammatically in notebooks during his ten-year hiatus from visual art. The resulting symbol vocabulary served as the basis for his 2006 return to art, generating the content for several books. He currently lives in the suburbs of New York City with his wife, Rachel."

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